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Thank you for your interest in wanting to see the Liberty Bridge come to fruition. Below are a few easy and quick steps for you to take to support the vision and to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people: 


1) Sign the Petition to Support the Liberty Bridge (CLOSED)


2) Share our vision for the Liberty Bridge on social media

Suggested tweet/Facebook post:

"I want to ride my bike [or walk/jog] into Manhattan from Jersey City! Let's build a pedestrian bridge together! #LibertyBridgeJC @LibertyBridgeJC"


3) Introduce us to decision makers

We're looking to meet more people that can assist in making this a reality. Those people could be:

* Press

* Government Officials

* Bridge Developers/Engineers/Architects

* Celebrities (for endorsement)

* Financial Backers


4) Engage with us on social media:

Follow us on Twitter @LibertyBridge_

Like us on Facebook


Thank you again for all your support! Let's build a bridge together!

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