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The renderings above were generously and thoughtfully created by Jeff Jordan Architects in Jersey City.  They depict a pedestrian footbridge starting in Jersey City, following the Embankment to and over the Hudson River and into Battery Park, New York City. The Bridge would cater to commuters with an express walking lane and separate bike lane (both partially enclosed from the elements). It would bring a park-like experience to those who want to make the Liberty Bridge a destination that will offer a 200+ foot view over the Hudson unlike any before. The Bridge will be the home to coffee shops and other retail, artwork, grassy areas and benches. It will start on the Embankment in Jersey City and gradually increase in height (with access points closer to the River) and end at a higher level in NYC. The Bridge will offer elevators, stairs and ramps for access on and off and be fully ADA compliant. Most importantly, the Bridge will add a new, environmentally friendly and pleasurable way to commute into NYC for the thousands of NJ residents that currently drive and take mass transit into the city everyday.


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